Mifa F6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Blue

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If there were ever a speaker that was designed for the outdoors, this is it. The Mifa F6 Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for the wet and wild lifestyles of the modern day adventurer. Built with a high quality silica gel casing, this speaker comes with an IPX4 water resistance rating, an IPX3 dustproof rating and a shatter resistant body.

Key Features 

Take on the Outdoor

Take the F8 with you on any expedition, it is a tough item, capable of looking after itself. This is because of its shatter resistant built, its top enclosure is wrapped around a sturdy layer made out of TPU. This layer of protection acts as a cushion, while also sealing the ports and other holes from any water and dust from seeping into the device.


Choose the Connection

There are plenty of ways to get the F6 loudspeaker to work while on your expedition. One of it is to utilize its included NFC transmitter, allowing you to quickly pair the speaker with a device capable of NFC pairing. If you do not have a device without NFC, it also includes a Bluetooth transmitter to make it a lot more convenient and versatile for everybody.


Plug it in

Despite the F6 speaker supports both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, it also supports the conventional memory cards, and this is a great way to save space on your devices. A large Micro-SD card should be filled with lossless audio formats for greater audio quality. To make things easier, you can plug it directly into your computer to make managing your playlists a whole lot easier.


Supports 2-way Calls

Once the F6 speaker is connected to a device, it acts not only as your personal speaker, but also as way to communicate with your contacts. Accept and decline incoming calls received by your device, and turn the F6 speaker into your very own loudspeaker. If it’s a private call, you can quickly disengage and resume the conversation through your device right off the bat. 

Brand Mifa
Product Type Bluetooth Speaker
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Mifa F6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Blue


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