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coffee machine allows you to enjoy barista-quality coffee from home at the touch of a button. Featuring numerous functions and designs, our coffee maker range can suit any decor scheme and budget. We also sell a number of coffee accessories like coffee beans or a coffee grinder that can help you maximise the taste of your favourite coffees.

juicer or slow juicer is a great way to increase your vitamin intake. Easy-to-use, a juicer or slow juicer lets you make great tasting smoothies and fruit juices from home. Our extensive juicer range can help you find the best juicer for you. A water filter lets you enjoy the equivalent of bottled water from your kitchen sink. Affordable and long-lasting, a water filter provides you and your family clear, clean refreshing water on demand.

Add a coffee machine or drinks maker to your kitchen today and make sure you can have the drink you want when you want it.

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