Philips Viva Collection OnionChef HR2505 Chopper ChopDrop

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At last you can chop like a chef. Philips OnionChef chopper with ChopDrop technology gives you dry, regular pieces of onion and other ingredients. Thanks to the separate high speed blade you can also grind meat, chop herbs and so much more.

Key Features 

  • Like any other chef, the Philips OnionChef chopper with its additional high speed chopping blade allows you also to achieve finely chopped result of a large variety of ingredients, such as meat, nuts.
  • The powerful 500W motor of the Philips OnionChef chopper ensures you can chop even hard ingredients quick and easy.
  • The Philips OnionChef chopper uses an optimal slow speed for its ChopDrop technology. This ensures you can always achieve dry and regular pieces of onion and other delicate ingredients, such as zucchini, boiled eggs.
  • Philips OnionChef chopper is equipped with 2 speeds and automatic speed selection.
Brand Philips
Model HR-2505
Product Type Chopper
Weight (kg) 1.6
Product Height (cm) 33.5cm
Product Width (cm) 17.5cm
Product Depth (cm) 17.5cm
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Philips Viva Collection OnionChef HR2505 Chopper ChopDrop

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