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Greenfield (New subscription) Terms & Condition:-

1. Customer needs to be 21 years of age and above.

2. To enjoy the 12 months FREE subscription, Customer has to be a new customer with no outstanding payment with Astro.

3. Any differential in subscription fee for Upgrade or Add-On package(s) needs to be borne by the Customer on monthly basis. Customer can contact Astro Customer Service for upgrade/add-on products or services.

4. Account must remain active without any disconnections throughout the 12 months FREE subscription period.

5. FREE 90 days preview will be activated within 30 days of account activation

6. Monthly rebate of RM60.37 will only be credited to (reflected in) customers’ account from 2nd bill statement onwards for 12 months.

7. After the 12 months FREE period, *RM60.37 will be charged to the Customer’s bill on the 13 th month onwards.

*Prevailing subscription fee applies. Subject to the Customer’s package price.

Multiroom (second/third decoder) Terms & Condition:-

1. To enjoy the FREE 12 months subscription, Customer must not have any outstanding payment with Astro

2. Account must remain active at the point of Multiroom subscription

3. Customer can subscribe up to 2 Multiroom (1 primary + 2 secondary decoders) at the same premise/address

4. After the 12 months FREE period, the prevailing Multiroom subscription fee applies

5. For Customer with a primary account of less than RM80 subscription fee per month, Customer needs to upgrade his/her primary package to RM80 and above to enjoy the FREE 12 months subscription

6. Monthly rebate for Multiroom will only be credited to (reflected in) customers’ account from 2nd bill statement onward


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