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Cycling can be as enjoyable as it is rewarding. Few experiences can be more fun than going down a steep hill on a bike and few can be as beneficial as going back up it. Cycling helps you develop your core strength, tone and define muscles and lose weight.

If you cycle to get fit then it is important to track and monitor your progress. Our sport watch or GPS watch collection can help you measure pace, distance covered and elevation so you can gain an understanding of how you are performing. For a deeper insight, a heart rate monitor watch can give you a real-time insight into the effect of your workout so you know whether you are operating at the correct level to reach your fitness goals.

If you plan on enjoying some long distance cycling, a GPS tracker or navigator can help you stay orientated, on course and measure your progress with accuracy. If you plan on taking your bike abroad, GPS maps can be downloaded to ensure you always know where you are even though you are somewhere foreign. If you want to monitor your position or progress as you ride, consider a bike mount for your GPS device for hassle-free, handsfree viewing.

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