Walk your way to your fitness goals

Walking is a great way to stay active regardless of your age or fitness condition. Thankfully, it is as effective as it is accessible — regular walking can improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness as well as reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Our range of fitness accessories can help you get more from your walking regime by giving you accurate insights into numerous factors. A pedometer, for example, can count the number of steps taken to give you an idea of the distance you have travelled and the calories you have burned. A GPS watch or heart rate monitor watch can provide you with an even deeper analysis.

Our extensive fitness tracker range includes all the top brands and models to suit any taste or budget. Shop from the likes of Polar, Fitbit, Omron or Nike Plus and find the best fitness activity tracker or heart rate monitor for you. This will not only give you an indication of where you are at but will also enable you to set future goals and aim for higher results. Increasing your heart rate for instance suggests how effective your walking pace is and whether there is room for improvement – faster walks, inclines etc. For those who like to walk in the wilderness, devices like a GPS tracker will ensure you are not led astray.

Discover our walking fitness accessories online today and find the tools that are best suited for you. 

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