Upgrade to a GPS watch or heart rate monitor watch

Are you looking to beat the time from your last 5km run? Feeling low and need to keep an eye on your blood pressure during a workout? Regardless of what your goals are, a GPS watch and heart rate monitor will ensure you have all the information you need to achieve your best outcome. These fantastic tracking tools will enable you to get fitter and healthier faster and more effectively with long-term sustainability.

A GPS watch can help you gain a deeper understanding of your performance. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts or anyone who is in serious training, a GPS tracking device can measure your pace, elevation, distance covered and more so you can chart your progress over a period of time. Our GPS watch range includes all the top brands so you can choose from the likes of Timex and Polar to find the best GPS watch for you.

A heart rate monitor provides you with real-time insights in to the effects of your workout. Heart rate is the single best indicator of the intensity of your regime and it can tell you whether you are operating at the level you need to be to achieve your fitness goals. The latest models in our running watch collection contain a built-in heart rate monitor so you don’t need to buy or wear a chest strap. Shop the best brands and choose from the likes of a Polar, FitbitJawbone or Garmin heart rate monitor.

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