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Advertorial 2019

Mark of luxury

April 2019: Saporini

When it comes to exquisite designs and craftsmanship, leather furniture from Italy instantly comes to mind. From the design to materials and finishing, you can be assured of an exquisite furniture set that would enhance your living space with timeless elegance.

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Your recliner style redefined

July 2019: Recliners

When it comes to taking it easy in the sanctuary of one’s home, comfort is the ultimate factor for a relaxing downtime. While comfort is a personal matter and differs from one to another, well-made quality furniture that is able to provide support and lasting comfort is highly recommended.

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No sweat with Nappa

August 2019: Nappa Fabric Sofas

First of all, Nappa fabric is long-lasting and easy to clean, so homemakers need not freak out over dirty palm prints, spilt drinks or sweat stains on the sofa. The neat freaks among us who dread guests coming over and slopping drinks on our sofa can take comfort in the knowledge that it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

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Luxury craftsmanship for your sanctuary

September 2019: ALF Italia Dining

YOUR living space is special because we furnish it to our specific tastes with the best possible aesthetics that please us. This is why choosing the best furniture is so important to us, because it occupies our most personal space, yet we want it to be a reflection of who we are, a reflection of our tastes and preferences.

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