Panasonic NR-CY558GW 3-Door 547L Fridge

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Preserve the freshness of your groceries with Panasonic'sNR-CY558GW 3-Door 547L Fridge. Its unique cooling technology and conveniently designed compartments make storing food easier and hassle-free.

Key Features

Precise Temperature for Foods Lasting Freshness

Panasonic's unique cooling technology maintains the optimum temperature in each compartment. It enables storage of food items at their ideal temperature, so freshness and taste are thoroughly preserved.

Experience more freshness than ever!

While the typical refrigerator freezes food to approx. -18˚C to -20˚C, Prime Fresh Freezing freezes it to approx. -3˚C. Since only the surface of items is lightly frozen, it never gets hard. Items frozen in this way, even if they are raw, stay at their best, retaining nutrients as well as flavor and texture.

-3˚C Prime Fresh freezing is this convenient!

1. Cooking without Defrosting
Since only the surface of food is soft frozen, you can cut it easily without defrosting.

2. Flavor Lasts Longer
It can keep food in a near-raw state, maintaining its delicious flavor and texture.

3. Keeps Nutrition
There is hardly any drip as you don’ t need to defrost, so there's minimal loss of nutrients and umami flavor.

4. Less Odor
It minimizes the generation of odors, so there's less worry of odors spreading.

Moisture-retaining Fresh Safe Vegetable Case

The vegetable case stores vegetables and fruits in the optimum conditions with high humidity and constant temperature to keep them fresh.

Neat storage and less mixing of odor

As well as enabling neat, divided storage, the separate cases make it harder for odors to spread for more hygienic storage.

Clean air everywhere

Silver has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, deactivating 99.9% of mold and bacteria inside the fridge compartment. This effect is semi-permanent so there's no need to replace it. Also, an active enzyme effectively resolves unpleasant odors.

Stylish, functional french doors

As well as modern and attractive looking, the stylish French doors are designed for user comfort. The doors take up little room when opened, which is ideal where space is limited. And they help prevent cold air escaping so they also contribute to energy saving.

Easy to see, drawer-type bottom freezer

The drawer-type freezer offers smooth, easy access. And because it's low, it's easy to put in and take out even large, heavy items. Also, looking down on items makes it easier than ever to find just what you want. So even when a lot of items are stored, you won't easily forget to use food you've bought or buy something you already have.

Easy to access, top fridge design

The often-used fridge compartment is on top, and the vegetable case is in the center, so you don’t have to bend down every time you put in or take out items.

Refined full-flat glass design

French door elegance and the beautiful transparency of glass with a colored backing compliment your high-end lifestyle. With gracefully curved handles, and simple, unitary glass panels with no frames, bumps, or depressions to get in the way of the aesthetically pleasing design. The electrostatic touch control panel has a mirror finish that provides a beautiful accent.

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Brand Panasonic
Model NR-CY558GW
Product Type Fridges
Weight (kg) 89
Product Height (cm) 171.4cm
Product Width (cm) 77cm
Product Depth (cm) 74.3cm
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Panasonic NR-CY558GW 3-Door 547L Fridge

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