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Terms and conditions
Dear IPC Store Managers/Cashiers,

Good day!

From 15th August to 2nd September, there will be a another promotion where shopper will stand a chance to win one of the 3 units of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with no minimum purchase (Exclude purchase of photo prints).

There will be 3 units of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in total to give away.

Cashiers at Level 1
  • a) Lucky Draw Box and Lucky Draw forms will be at Cashier Level 2 (Bedding & Furniture).
  • b) No minimum purchase is required (exclude purchase of photo prints), customer will just need to purchase and with the single receipt they can participate in the Lucky Draw contest.
  • c) Please do inform customers on the promo and ask them to proceed to Cashier Level 2 for the Lucky Draw form.
  • d) If and only if there is query from customer on the promo, just inform them “With no minimum spend (exclude purchase of photo prints), they stand a chance to win 1 of the 3 units of Samsung Galaxy Note 9”.
Cashiers at Level 2
  • a) Lucky draw Box and Lucky Draw forms will be stationed here.
  • b) When customer approaches for the lucky draw form, please do ask for their receipt for verification purpose that they have actually purchased something from Harvey Norman.
  • c) A customer can enter multiple times provided if he has multiple receipts. For an instance if Mr. A has 3 receipts, please pass him 3 forms.
  • d) Once the customer is done filling up, please ask them to fold into 2 and drop the form into the Lucky Draw Box.

Besides this, would like to inform that deposit is not entitled to join the Lucky Draw. However, if full payment is made before 2nd September 2018, they can enter the lucky draw.

Below would be an example of a possible situation:

a) Customer A buys something worth RM2, 000 on 17th August but pay a deposit of RM 500. The receipt/sales order she/he has on 17th August doesn’t qualify her/him to join the Lucky draw because her/him sales order is not paid in full.

If she/he comes back and pays the remaining RM1, 500 before 2nd September 2018, only then she/he is qualified to enter the lucky draw.

By doing so, customers will be encouraged to make full payment for their purchases to be eligible to join the Lucky Draw. All in all, only Sales Order paid in full are entitled to join the Lucky Draw.

The Terms and Conditions are all in the Lucky Draw forms. All of the collaterals are with a disclaimer of T&C. Please do take some time and read the T&C at the Lucky Draw forms for a better understand.

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