Top 8 tips for taking stunning self-portraits

Digital cameras make capturing those magic moments easier than ever, even if you’re travelling alone. For greater ease, some models feature flip-out LCD viewing panels so you can see exactly what you’re shooting. If you find that most of your self-portraits are starting to look the same, here are some simple but inventive ways to capture stunning self-portraits of your adventures.


Most self-portraits are taken at eye level, so why not shake things up a little by trying a different perspective - perhaps profile down, or over-the-shoulder?
Changing the camera angle could make a huge difference to the finished product and help you see yourself in a completely different light.


Instead of looking directly at the camera lens, try looking away from the camera, or focusing on an object that’s off-screen.
This can help to add an extra dimension to the picture. The viewer will wonder what you’re looking at, and their interest will be piqued.


Alternatively, look at an object within the frame of the photo, such as your new gadget, a mouth watering dish, or a loved one. Doing this helps create an additional point of interest in the image, so your picture starts to tell a story.


Positioning a light source can create interesting moods and effects in a picture. For example, standing in front of a light source can create a silhouette that obscures the subject’s details, making for an intriguing image. Light coming from the side can create a moody image.


Most of us usually have a side or angle that plays up our best features, such as our smile or eyes. Whatever your best feature, pick an angle that plays it up so that you always look your best in photographs.


Many people compose their shots using the rule of thirds. This divides a picture into nine equal squares or rectangles, and has the photographer align important elements of a shot along these lines. But sometimes, breaking such guidelines can lead to interesting, creative results. Try placing yourself at the edge of the shot for example - the results could surprise you.


Even after experimenting with factors like different points of focus, shoot angles and the way your shot is composed, the subject of your photos will still be the same - you.
This is why it’s important to find a different background, like a castle, street parade or even an unusual sign or billboard. The only limiting factor is really your imagination, so don’t be afraid to experiment the next time you find yourself in a new location or situation.


Experiment with keeping part of yourself hidden. Take a photo of yourself half hidden by a wall or mirror, or blocked by an object. Leave the rest of it to the viewer’s imagination.

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