2 in 1 Devices Buying Guide

In an increasingly mobile world, 2 in 1 devices are the natural evolution of laptop, notebook, and tablet technology towards powerful and highly functional personal devices. The flexibility of 2 in 1 hybrids make them ideal for personal, family and business use.

Planning to purchase 2 in 1 device

Most 2 in 1 devices are designed to meet specific work requirements and usage. The way you use a 2 in 1 is generally the most important factor to consider when planning a purchase. The following questions will help you plan:

  • Will you be using the device for home, office, or travel?
  • Do you need flexibility for a varied and ever changing lifestyle?
  • How important is connectivity to other devices or networks?
  • Do you intend to use the device for long periods away from a power source?
  • Are you going to be operating the device mostly in hand or on flat surfaces?
  • Can most of your activities be satisfied with touch screen functionality?
  • Will you be running complex software, such as graphics or gaming applications?

Key differences between 2 in 1 designs

Ultrabook design

Attached keyboard design for 2 in 1 tablets offers the utility of a touch screen and keyboard, but also allows for tablet mode without losing functionality.


  • Retains use of USB, SD Card, and HDMI ports in tablet mode
  • Greater stability for touch screen use when folded into tent shape
  • Keeps all components together for busy lifestyles

Detachable Design

Keyboard docks with detachable touch screens offers light-weight portability with full Windows 8.1 functionality.

  • Remote use of touch screen tablet allows tactile handling
  • Independent batteries for tablet and keyboard increase overall charge life
  • Tablets retains full Windows 8.1 functionality when separated from keyboard

What is the best 2 in 1 for you?

Most 2 in 1 hybrids are designed to run Windows 8.1 in both notebook and tablet mode, while providing the necessary performance for tasks such as emailing, social media, web browsing, music, movies, education, gaming, and more.

Sophisticated Software - Professionals and students who intend to use their 2 in 1 hybrid to run complex software will need to consider powerful processor and large random access memory (RAM) for running sophisticated applications.

Office & Admin - In domestic and business use, most 2 in 1s are sufficient for the task. You may need more processing power for some accounting software, but generally the most important question is how you will use the device around the office.

Corporate High Flyer - Corporate professionals need to consider factors such as connectivity (to networks and other devices), ease of use in presentations and meetings, and practicality of design when travelling. Battery duration may also be important.

Recreation & Entertainment - Connectivity is a significant factor for connecting your device to audio and visual accessories, including wireless, HDMI and USB. You may also need to consider the appropriate graphics processor to enjoy the full experience

Various Additional Features

2-in-1 hybrids often include various other features from tablets, notebooks, and laptop designs, such as:

  • Full HD display that deliver brilliantly vivid images and ultra-wide viewing angles
  • Built-in webcams that allow video conferencing or calling
  • Stylus pens for precise control in drawing or writing notes
  • Devices weigh between approximately 0.6 kg – 1.5 kg (varies between ultrabook and detachable designs)

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