Wearable Technology Buying Guide

Wearables are a practical way to take advantage of recent technological developments that can improve your lifestyle. The wearable collection currently available offers a range of enhancements for fitness, communications, well-being, activities and more.

Wearable range

Wearable technology comes in a range of styles and functions that can be worn on your body, clothing, or mounted to personal equipment such as bicycles, surf boards and skateboards.

Types of wearables

Fitness and activity trackers

Put fitness first with wearables that allow you to track your speed, distance, cadence, stride, heart rate, oxygen levels or calories burned as you exercise. Devices vary between wristbands, watches, and clothing clip-ons that offer immediate access to data.

Wristband and watch - Provide quick and easy access as you train or exercise. Wrist accessories offer anywhere, anytime fitness reports no matter what you are doing.
Clip-on - Suitable for anyone who gets discomfort from wrist devices. You can attach the device to most items of clothing including bras, belts, zippers, shoelaces and more.
Strap-on - Offer a secure alternative fitness tracking. Some strap-ons such as heart rate monitors are designed specifically to provide more detailed data.
Mounted - Provide data from your bicycle with greater accuracy of information while you train. Some models come with a wristband that allow the device to worn on wrist for multi-sport training

The range of technology between fitness devices varies according purpose and design, such as running, cycling, training or activity motivator.

Technology in fitness wearables may include:
  • Pedometer, calories calculator, strapless heart rate monitor
  • GPS for measuring elevation, speed, distance
  • Overview apps, Google Map tracking, and trip logging
  • Daily incentives and targets, and inactivity alerts
  • Silent wake up alarm, and sleep monitoring
  • Optional enhancements focusing on specific activities

Action cameras

Record your exciting escapades on wearable and equipment mounted action cameras. Designed for extreme activities, such as snowboarding, sky diving, skateboarding or any adventure where you need a lightweight and comfortable camera.

Head mount or harness - Allow you to record your experiences by fixing your action camera to head gear for first person perspective of your adventure

Incredibly lightweight - Optional waterproof casings, make action cameras perfect for capturing images in extreme environments
Technology in action cameras may include:
  • Full HD images for high definition playback on your television and other devices
  • Some models include Wi-Fi for immediate review on smartphone or tablet app
  • Advanced wind-noise reduction for clearer audio during high-speed activities

Smart watches

Many of the technologies in wearables and other portable devices are within smart watches to provide access to frequently viewed information right on your wrist. Some can run "micro apps" that allow you to complete tasks without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Smart watches offer the convenience of a watch and freedom of a mobile phone including an array of technologies, such as built-in heart rate sensor and other health features that allow you track your daily pattern of exercise.
Technology in smart watches may include:
  • Heart rate monitor, pedometer, and calories calculator that tracks daily patterns
  • Digital camera that allows you to discretely capture images
  • Remote controller abilities allow you take control of your TV and Set-Top Boxes
  • Make and receive calls, or receive instant notifications including email, SMS, and apps
  • Personalization by changing the style of the screen, clock, wallpaper and fonts with customizable themes

Check with our customer services, sales staff, or refer to specifications tab on product pages to ensure the wearable technology you intend to purchase meets your required needs.

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