August: Nappa Fabric Sofas

No sweat with Nappa

Lay back and relax on the easy-to-clean Nappa fabric sofas such as the Lara model.

(Above and right) Amazon sofa’s pull-up storage function with Nappa fabric.

AFTER a tiring day, the first thing we do when we get home is to plonk ourselves on the sofa. 

But that could incur the wrath of the homemaker who would scream: “Get off the sofa, you’re soiling it with your work clothes!” 

Such a reaction is understandable as maintaining a clean sofa can be quite a chore, especially in households with children and pets.

Fabric sofa care is no easy task as different fabrics require different cleaning methods and attention.

But if fabric sofa is your choice, one way to work around the issue of maintenance is to opt for Nappa fabric sofas, available at Harvey Norman – the go-to retailer for exclusive furniture brands and models with options of high-, mid and easy-on-the-pocket products to choose from. 

First of all, Nappa fabric is long-lasting and easy to clean, so homemakers need not freak out over dirty palm prints, spilt drinks or sweat stains on the sofa. 

The neat freaks among us who dread guests coming over and slopping drinks on our sofa can take comfort in the knowledge that it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. 

Ink and other stubborn stains? Just wipe them off with a cloth and warm water.

Nappa fabric care also entails brushing with a suede or stiff-bristle brush to gently rough up the surface. 

Sleepovers with your besties have never been easier with Valencia’s pull-out mechanism.

Palato sofas can seat a family of four comfortably, so on movie nights at home, let the kids snack on munchies and drink soda while they watch the show and after that, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will clean up any mess on the sofa.

Nappa fabric sofas at Harvey Norman are multi-functional and come in a selection of contemporary designs and shades that complement the aesthetics of your home. 

Take for example the Nappa fabric Amazon sofa, available in grey with diamond designed details. 

It is comfortable and wide; it’s fitted with adjustable headrests; its memory foam cushion provides sink-in comfort, and it comes with a pull-up storage option. 

If you’re looking for a more versatile shade, go for the Lipari in elegant pale brown.

With generous wide arms, deep seats and plump back cushions, this model has a classic leather piping finish on the arm edge – making it an ultimate classic sofa.

Crafted with laminated veneer lumber frame, its bolster cushions provide additional support for the back. 

The Palato shares similar features with the Amazon and comes in a stylish dark graphite shade. 

With five plush fixed cushions, it has adjustable headrests and a pull-up storage ottoman for additional space and seating.

Palato sofas can seat a family of four comfortably, so on movie nights at home, let the kids snack on munchies and drink soda while they watch the show and after that, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will clean up any mess on the sofa. 

Other Nappa fabric sofa models include Lara in striking midnight blue, Valencia in vivid sahara and Spinta in forest green and pearl blackberry. 

With slim-line arms, tone-on-tone stitching and tapered metal legs to give the sofa a contemporary look, Lara is the perfect accompaniment for urban living, as its compact seating fits well in small spaces.

Valencia stands out from the rest of the sofa models because of its ability to transform from a sofa to a bed.

If space is a concern, the Valencia sofa is the answer thanks to its pull-out mechanism.

Now you can have guests over for a sleepover!

Spinta with its manual pushback recliner.

The Spinta with its manual pushback recliner, comfortable leg rest and sleek curved armrests sounds like the perfect sofa for some serious relaxation.

Not that you should be lighting up a smoke indoors, but Nappa fabric is fire retardant, reducing the intensity or ability for a fire to spread should it happen. 

It is also water repellant, breathable and is made of 58% polyester and 42% polyurethane – which increases the fabric’s durability and stain resistance. 

Known to be used in high-end cars and luxury handbags, Nappa fabric has a 2mm thickness, which imparts a substantial and luxurious feel when you lounge on the sofa.

Shop online now or walk-in at Harvey Norman’s IPC Flagship Superstore located at L2.07 of IPC Shopping Centre.

*This article was published in STARSPECIAL, Sunday 25 August 2019

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