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Shop online today with our new payment option!
Shop online today with our new payment option! Exclusively for Maybank and HSBC credit cardholders, enjoy better flexibility and convenience today by opting to pay for your purchase over a 12/24 months period.

* Minimum purchase of RM1000 required for 12 months EPP (Maybank and HSBC credit card).
**Minimum purchase of RM3000 required for 24 months EPP (Maybank credit card only). Not applicable for Apple products.

Take advantage of interest free payments with your Maybank and HSBC credit card or have the option to make payment from your Internet Banking account with FPX.

Easy Payment Plans (EPP)

What is Easy Payment Plan (EPP)?

Harvey Norman EPP is a repayment scheme that allows you to use your credit payment card to make a transaction and then repay the amount in instalments over the course of 12/24 months with 0% interest fee.

How do I apply for EPP?

  • Add your product(s) to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. To opt for an interest-free instalment payment plan (IPP), the minimum spend limit of RM1000 in a single order, AND the maximum spend limit of RM20,000 in a single order.
  • Select PayDollar and your preferred EPP bank (Maybank or HSBC) payment method.      
  • Proceed to make payment and select your preferred credit card type.
  • Enter your credit card details.
  • Select your preferred instalment payment plan.
  • Complete the payment.
  • The full amount of your purchase will be reflected in your order confirmation email. (Please note that your monthly payment will be reflected in your next monthly credit card statement)

What credit cards can be used for EPP?

EPP for Harvey Norman online is applicable for Maybank and HSBC credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) only.

Is there a minimum purchase required?

Yes, minimum purchase of RM1000 (for 12 months EPP) and RM3000 (for 24 months EPP) is required - either a single product or a combination of products which add up to RM1000 or more. Please take note that 24 months EPP is not applicable for Apple products.

What are the tenure options available?

You can opt to make payment over a period of 12/24-months.

Are there any other additional fees?

No, there are no other processing or additional fees. You only have to pay the total transaction value.

Can I change payment mode after placing my order with EPP?

Once you have submitted your order, you will not be able to choose another payment method.

Is there a waiting period before my EPP transaction is approved?

Once the payment has been approved by your credit card issuer, the transaction will be processed immediately.

Are debit cards eligible for EPP?

No, EPP is only applicable for credit cards.

What is FPX?

FPX Payment is a secure online payment gateway system that allows you to make real time online payments by using your existing current or savings account.

Do I need to register to use FPX?

No registration is required with FPX. All you need is an Internet banking account with any of FPX participating banks listed below.

How to pay using FPX?

Please follow these steps:
  • Select FPX at checkout page.
  • Choose your bank from the list of FPX participating banks.
  • Enter your internet banking security credentials (e.g. user name, password and OTP/TAC code) and confirm your payment.
  • Once the transaction is successful, you will receive separate notifications from the merchant, your bank and FPX.

I have made a payment using FPX, how can I know that my payment is successful?

There are 3 methods in which you will be able to know that your FPX transaction is successful:
  • Online receipt provided by FPX
  • Email notification sent by FPX system (provided that you have entered your email address at FPX bank selection page).
  • Online receipt provided by your merchant.

Can I cancel a successful FPX transaction?

No. It is not possible to cancel a successful FPX transaction via the system. However, you may  contact us for further arrangement.

What is the minimum and maximum transaction limit for FPX?

Minimum transaction amount is RM1.00 and maximum amount is limited to RM20,000* (per transaction).

*The above limit is subject to your internet banking withdrawal limit with your bank, whichever is lower.

What is the availability of FPX services?

Currently FPX service is available 24 hours daily at most of the FPX participating banks.

*Depending on the participating banks’ internet banking service availability.

How much is the service charge for FPX?

The service charge (if any) varies according to the type of service and merchant selected by customers.

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