Assistant Retail Manager

Job Title : Assistant Store Manager

Name of Department : AV / C&C / Furniture / Bedding

Place of Work : Elitetrax Marketing Sdn Bhd (Harvey Norman)

Reports To : Store Manager


Handling and overseeing all the day-to-day processes that are carried out in the store. Able to manage the product inventory, salespersons, goods for display, sales, etc.


  1. Responsible in generating sales and profitability for the department.
  2. Assist the Store Manager in areas of store operation, staff management, inventory control, sales promotions and customer relations.
  3. Capable in developing merchandising strategy; to best meet the market's needs, maintain budgeted inventory level, management, training and motivating a team of high-achieving sales people.
  4. Possess strong leadership qualities and result oriented.
  5. Able to work independently in a fast-paced environment.
  6. Able to work long hours & during Public Holidays.
  7. Assist and ensure both written and delivered sales target of the department is met on a monthly and annual basis.
  8. Discuss, suggest or inform the Operations Manager of any new promotions, products, pricing and etc.
  9. Propose and organize events such as promotional activities and road-shows.
  10. Undertake to maintain and improve the overall performance of the store in term of profitability, maintenance and physical presentation of the display area.
  11. Attend to staff related matters including recruitment, duty roster, disputes, personal presentation, trainings, product knowledge and etc. Build and maintain a strong and unified sales support team.
  12. Work closely with purchasers to find out on newly arrive stocks and arrange to transfer them into the store for display purpose.
  13. Attend to customer issues and complaints.
  14. Identify slow moving stocks and raise suggestions to move these stocks.
  15. Measure and react to sales trends, profits and expenses through close monitoring of the monthly management report. Capable in developing & demonstrating sales strategy to reach its best pace.
  16. Implement checks and balances to prevent shortage and over supply to ensure continuous sales.

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