Panasonic is a leading electronics and home appliances brand.

Panasonic was founded in Japan in 1918. The company began with just 3 staff — the oldest of whom was only 23 years-old — and the goal to create high-quality, affordable electrical fixtures. Today, Panasonic ranks as one of largest Japanese electronics producers in the world, has a truly global presence and employs over 250,000 staff.

Panasonic’s history is littered with revolutionary, award-winning products such as the world’s smallest portable TV in 1969 and the world’s first commercial, direct-drive turntable in 1970. In more recent times, Panasonic has been pioneering a number of breakthrough technologies such as artificial photosynthesis and thermoelectric tubes that will address some of the world’s most pressing energy and climate issues. This endless pursuit of innovation will undoubtedly lead to positive change and the creation of more ground-breaking products for consumer and professional use.

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TV & Audio

Panasonic TVs and home theatre systems help you take your home media set up to the next level.

A Panasonic TV delivers outstanding Full HD picture quality. With certain models boasting 3D capability and numerous Smart features, Panasonic televisions deliver an immersive viewing experience.

Panasonic home theatre products help you enjoy the best content, in the best quality with room filling audio.

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Home Appliances

A Panasonic washing machine or tumble dryer helps you launder your clothes with ease.

Panasonic laundry appliances are designed to take the hassle and guess work out of getting your clothing ready to wear. Intuitive controls, an energy efficient performance and large drum sizes combine to allow you to enjoy fresh clothes sooner and for less.

Panasonic washing machines are available in both front loading and top loading varieties to suit your home.

Panasonic vacuum cleaners offer an efficient, affordable way to keep dust and other allergens from building up on the floors in your home. Equipped with an HEPA filter, a powerful motor for effective suction and near silent operation, a Panasonic vacuum helps you keep the floors — and the air — in your home clean with the minimum of strain.

Compact and lightweight, Panasonic vacuums are easy-to-store and move between the rooms in your house.

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Home Phones

Panasonic cordless home phones deliver crystal clear chat on your landline.

A cordless phone allows you to wander around the rooms in your home and talk to friends and loved ones as you go. Fitted with DECT technology, Panasonic home phones offer an interference-free connection even when being used in built up areas.

Available with as many as 4 handsets to suit homes of all sizes, Panasonic phones are ideal for those who like to make use of cheap tariffs on their landline and for those who have insufficient mobile coverage in their area.

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Beauty & Grooming

Panasonic electric shavers help men look at their best with ease.

Designed with wet and dry operation, easy-to-use controls and advanced shaving technology, a Panasonic shaver removes hair quickly for smooth skin with minimal effort. Their long battery life, compact size and cordless operation make them ideal for home use and for taking on trips.

Indulge in styling, without worrying about damaging your hair. Panasonic offers you your favourite tool to give your hair more radiance. And with Panasonic body care products, it helps to remove unwanted hair for beautiful, silky smooth skin.

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Kitchen Appliances

Panasonic kitchen appliances help you prepare meals and ingredients with ease and accuracy.

From microwaves to bread makers to stick blenders, Panasonic kitchen appliances feature all the power and technology you need to get the results you desire. Intuitive controls and energy efficient operation mean you can create dishes with less fuss and less energy.

Compact in size and designed to match any décor scheme, Panasonic kitchen appliances are a welcome addition to any cook’s arsenal.

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Air Conditioners

Panasonic air conditioning lets you control the temperature in your home.

Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioners are designed to cope with the extremities of the New Zealand climate, offering effective heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. ECONAVI technology and Nanoe-G filtration ensure an energy efficient performance and cleaner, healthier air within your home.

Panasonic air conditioning units are available in a range of power outputs and circulation rates to suit the size of the rooms in your house.

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